the source.

Fraser Valley, BC

The "heart beat" of the huge mountain water source known as the Hameling Spring Aquifer.


Pure Mountain Spring is located uphill, at 1200 feet above sea level, far from the valley floor agricultural lands  safe from agricultural chemicals or any other potential pollution that may be caused by agricultural or rural land use. The Source is further protected from pollution by extensive forest cover in the springs water source area.  The heavy coastal rain forest, with its great diversity of organisms, has the capability of sequestering out or destroying organic pollutants, greatly reducing their ability to contaminate the water supply area.


The Spring flows constantly from a fault in the mountain bedrock and tests indicate that the volume (3 million gallons per day) and quality are not affected in any way by run off water from the local area. 
Piteau and Associates - Hydrology Report February 2003



A stainless steel pyramid structure covers the head of our spring. An 8 inch diameter pipeline system extends deep within th mountain where spring water is collected before it surfaces within the pyramid. The water flows into this stainless steel collection box at a rate of 750,000 gallons per day. Protected under many tonnes of rock, stainless steel screens allow the water to flow into the 8 inch stainless steel pipeline which delivers water to a tanker loading facility some 350 meters downhill. Several more springs originate farther down on the property bringing the total flow to 3 million gallons daily.


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