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"The water contains many of the minerals required by the human body for good health. More importantly, potentially damaging minerals and pollutants are present in low or even less than detectable concentrations. Over the past 20 years, detailed tests of dissolved anions, pollutants, coliform bacteria and minerals were conducted by reputable Vancouver area laboratories. Extensive test data is available from Nor West Labs, Can Test Labs, Inovatech Labs and FLI Environmental Services. Minerals in the water are derived from deposits of marine shale laid down in this water shed millennia ago. The sodium salt content is very low an the data indicates that common volatile pollutant compounds (EPA 624 analysis) are not present in detectable concentrations.
S.F. Sverre, Senior Scientist, Entech Environmental Consultants Ltd.

completely safe



Our water is tested regularly for quality assurance. The data below is consistent with the test results that are gathered weekly. Please contact us if you would like more actual laboratory data.

*Flouride - "epidemiological data from the 1930's and 1940's revealed a lower prevalence of tooth decay in children who consume naturally occurring flouride water"


National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research... statement, June 2000


*Bromine (Bromide) - is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry and occurs normally in the blood. however use in drinking water is not recommended. The World Health Organization has set a provisional guideline value of 25 ug/l in their forthcoming revision of the drinking water guidelines and increased focus on bromide detection water sources is planned. Bromide is consistently undetectable in our spring water.



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